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  1. Upon arrival in Armenia, students are advised to register themselves at the Embassy of India in Yerevan. The contact details are given below:


50/2 India Street, 0015 
PHONES: [+ 374 10] 539173 / 539174 / 539175
FAX: [+ 374 10] 533984 


  1. Always keep a list of important telephone numbers and University ID Card with you in person. Police authorities on streets may demand these documents any time for verification. 
  2. Once the course is completed, all the degrees and certificates awarded by YSMU are required to be Apostilled in Armenia. This requirement is mandatory before their submission to Indian organizations such as MCI and other State Medical Councils etc. for registration purposes.
  3. No part time jobs are available for foreign students.
  4. Winters in Armenia are snowy with temperatures reaching zero degree Celsius. The students are advised to carry woollens along with them. Warm winter jacket and boots can be bought at the local market at affordable prices. However, the hostel rooms, university buildings and all the clinical hospitals are centrally heated 24/7 and extremely comfortable.
  5. Upon arrival in Armenia, the University will arrange Residency Card for the students, which is normally valid for one year. Before leaving for holidays, students are advised to make sure that the Residence Card is valid at the time of return, giving sufficient time for its renewal.
  6. University is very strict in terms of attendance, punctuality, discipline and dedication is expected.
  7. Beware of self-styled agents/agencies, which are illegally advertising in print and electronic media for admission to YSMU. Always check their credentials from the University.

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